Baby Wearing:Indulging or Nurturing?

Baby wearing is an ancient practice recently given new life in the west, as we emerge from the 1950’s style of parenting. This candid blog post is about the emergence of baby wearing, my experience with the practice and my favorite product. Well, let’s consider…Do you think the practice of wearing your baby, as indulging or nurturing? The Emergence of Baby Wearing Baby wearing shot to the forefront of public consciousness in the “noughties” as celebrities from my generation became mothers and experimented with different ways to bring up their children. Traditionalists rose up-in-arms to reject the concept of baby […]

Secrets to Potty Training Quickly & Easily

There are many different challenges that we as parents must face. Not only the complete 360 turnaround life transition we have when we have a baby, reading countless ‘parenting for dummies’ books, or even changing a million (yes, literally a million) diapers, but also, teaching our baby how to potty train properly (I can feel the stress already!). Today’s post is one that is inspired by a blog I read the other day about how to potty train your child. You’ll get thousands of different opinions on how to train your child properly, but the best advice I can give is […]

12 to 24 Months: Is Your Toddler Following Healthy Sleeping Habits?

At some point in every parent’s life, they wish their child would just sleep one night through but will they grant you that few hours of pure happiness? No they won’t. Probably not even when they are teenagers…. I can already hear “Mom, did you see my silver shoes?!” What is up with children? I know they don’t always need their sleep but parents do too! I noticed that one day my toddler will go to bed when I say it is bedtime now and everything will go smooth, but then the next day it is chaos to put him […]

18-24 Months: Recommended Toddler Play Activities

“Run run run! I am going to catch you” , “where is my baby hiding? OH, I wonder where he could be?” – the words that can change your toddler’s day. I just love playing with my children. It can really brighten not just their day, but yours as well. Nothing can top your day more than seeing those happy faces. And even if you have to play the same game every day, it is worth it, even if you’re sooo over the game, your child won’t be. The most beautiful thing you will ever see is that sparkle in […]

Cheap Baby Products that Make Your Life as Parent So Much Easier!

Okay moms or soon to become moms, I am about to share something that someone should have shared with me before I became a mother. As much as you love your kids and as much as you try to do everything by yourself (grandmas would say everything has to go over your back because that is the right way to be a mother), the truth is, it is much easier if you use BABY GADGETS and be the Supermom that can do everything without dying every night! For example, why would I turn into a sonar when my child is sleeping […]

Is Your Baby Crawling or Walking? It’s Time to Baby Gate Your Home

I can never understand how a parent can live in a double storey home with their child or children (and with or without pets) and not baby proof their home…. Do you want your child to fall down the stairs? Do you want your child to go into rooms of the house where they could danger themselves? In today’s world, there are so many products on the market to help you secure your child’s safety, and these products are must for all of us that have children that have started to crawl and walk. It only takes a few minutes […]

Top 3 Best Crib Mattress Pads Worth Buying

When you are looking for the best crib mattress protector pads, there is a few things you need to keep in mind. Deep down, every one of us possess different tastes in products, ranging from parents who just want something simple, parents who want excellent value, whilst other parents who completely rely upon luxurious, fanciful and quality baby products. Whatever type of parent you are, trust me, my opinions on the different types of crib mattress protectors available are 100% truthful. I bought each and my opinions below contain points that you might never have deliberated upon before. So let’s […]

Best Baby Cribs – Voted By Parents (July. 2018)

A crib is a must if the safety of your baby is your No. 1 priority. Which I am pretty sure it’s your #1 priority if you are reading this…Basically, just like you and me, babies too, need an abode. To them the idea of a home is alien at first. You need to help your baby understand what’s what. What I mean is that your baby will most likely want to be attached to you 24/7 and that includes in your bed. If you develop good baby sleeping habits early on, you can teach them that their own baby […]