The Most Inspiring Moms I’ve Come Across

♥ Angie from Our New Harmony ♥

Beautiful Mom to 5 Boys, Documenting The Journey of Illness  in the Family

A Word From Zoe: When I first came across Angie’s blog, OurNewHarmony, to say I was touched, is an understatement. When you first go to her site, you see an absolutely beautiful woman to five beautiful boys. She is not just beautiful on the outside. She has a beautiful soul, is strong and so inspiring to all of us moms! Angie mainly blogs about her story of struggling with illness in the family. Angie’s story of documenting her son’s Blake’s journey with illness is heartbreaking, but inspirational and uplifting all at the same time. Blake is truly a little fighter. At times, her blog posts have left me speechless and sometimes in tears. To get an idea of what I mean,  here is a snippet written by Angie, but please do head over to hear blog to read more about her and her family’s journey and give her some love and support whilst you are there!

Written by Angie: Holding my two year olds swollen hands as doctors rushed all around him, working to get a tube into his heart and filter his blood was not something I imagined I would ever do! The fear in his eyes and the terror in mine was equally matched.  This was the start of a fight. A battle between life or death, disease or health, giving up or fighting.  My little boy was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease caused by an autoimmune disorder. His body was attacking itself and the specialist told us there was no way to turn this off, the medication will only help for a short time.  This is when we decided there had to be a better way, the path was not an easy one but it has been worth all the effort.

We are finding Our New Harmony as Blake is now in remission and just turned 5 years old.  My eyes have been opened to thousands suffering with autoimmunity and feeling alone in the struggle. On my blog, OurNewHarmony, I share hope and encouragement as well as help families get back to the basics through traditional eating methods and fun family workouts.

Did you know this is the first generation that is expected to die before their parents?

Don’t act on fear, thrive on love.  I have 5 active boys and I promise you, its possible!  Our kids matter, what we feed them matters, what they are exposed to matters, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think simple, you got this momma!

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♥ Mette from Will Power Girl ♥

Cancer Survivor and Mom Inspiring Teenage Cancer Patients

I am in awe of the strength that Mom blogger from, cancer survivor and author of 10 books, Mette de Fine Licht, showed throughout her battle with cancer. To share about the pain she went through on her cancer journey must’ve been hard. I can’t even try to imagine what she went through!

This lady here, went out of her way to inspire young teenage cancer patients around the world. She wanted to encourage them to not give up and to keep on fighting until they win their own battle, just like she did.

I’ve been following her blog and here are some of the great topics you will come across on her site:

  • How to support a teenage cancer patient?
  • What not to say – and what to say to a teenage cancer patient?
  • The difficulties of living a normal teenage life with cancer and chemo on the side.
  • What about my friends – will they still like me when I have cancer?
  • I have cancer – will I ever get a boyfriend?

They all sound interesting, right? But seriously, I don’t know what I would do if I was in her position. She is a true inspiration, not just to cancer patients but for non-cancer patients to really understand what life is really about.

Mette has inspired me to live life to the fullest every single day and spend a lot of quality time with my little ones and my family. Even if you aren’t a a teenager going through your own cancer journey, you might want to read some of her awesome blog posts as they are really inspiring to everyone. If this momma made it through and fought to continue a normal life, heck, you can too! Please go over to her website, WillPowerGirl and give her some love and support!

Here is a link to her book aswell,.