From Gadgets To Games: How to Transition Kids Away From TV & Technology

We live in a time where our everyday life is based around gadgets. Think about it… We set our alarms on our phones for the morning… We read the news on our phones… Read ebooks (or podcasts!).. Scroll social media… and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip all on gadgets. Heck, I’m writing this blog on a gadget right now! It’s like our world is being taken over by robots that want to rule our life, and it’s happening so easily to us everyday (whoa, hello conspiracies!). It’s honestly rare to ever catch someone reading a book, or […]

How to Encourage Curiosity in Young Children

Whether it’s through dance, art, music, writing, or whatever is your passion, it’s always important to teach our kids to express their creativity so that they can truly find out who they are. But you know what’s equally important to encourage our kids that often goes unnoticed? Curiosity. Hence the purpose for today’s blog post. It’s a topic that intrigues me. I find myself researching more and more ways to ensure I am always sparking the curiosity corner in my children’s brain. I also endeavor to share my tips and trips on encouraging curiosity in children on my blog, The curiosity to […]

My Foolproof Ways I Survive Sleepless Nights As A Parent

We all knew that when we hopped aboard this ‘parenting train’ we weren’t going to get much sleep. We would hear horror stories from our parents and our friends that had babies telling us, “you better kiss sleeping in on the weekends, or ever, goodbye!”. We all laughed and smiled thinking, oh, they’re just joking, it won’t be so bad, its because their kids don’t sleep, but mine will. And we were all so very wrong. It isn’t until you we’re a week and a half in with a newborn, with what feel like endless bags under your eyes, 5 pillows […]

3rd Trimester: What YOU Need & Must Have!

I just recently shared my favorite go-to survival items for the second trimester of pregnancy to help all you mama’s out (that you can read here), but what about the third trimester? Surely it can’t be the same product recommendations and tips for the third trimester, can it? Actually, no, it’s much different! This has been on my mind a lot lately because a close friend of mine has just entered her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy, so I thought it would be helpful to her and to many of you to compile a list together of my favorites necessities during this […]

What You Need (& Don’t Need) in Your Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery

If you’ve always wanted to be a mother, chances are you’ve spent your entire life imagining what it would be like to meet your little mini me. And now more than ever as your pregnancy is approaching an end, you’re getting closer and closer to that special day and your anticipation is building (more like bursting in all directions like rainbows, am I right?). Trust me, I’ve been there many times and I know how wonderful the feeling is right before going into labor (well, thats not something you hear everyday). But I also know how important it is to make sure you’re fully prepared ahead of time with […]

Best Cloth Diapers (& The Dangers You’re Exposing Your Baby To With Disposable Diapers)

Diapers, diapers, and oh, more diapers! The life of a parent isn’t always glamorous, but it’s something that we all have to go through for our babies. I am a proud mother of three, so I can assure you, I’ve have changed quite a few diapers in my day (more than my husband has, but he’ll never tell you!). Because I have changed so many diapers, I have a quite a bit of knowledge on the absolute best ones that you need, and the absolute worst ones that you need to stay away from! Believe it or not, my number one favorite […]

Flying With a Baby? Don’t Forget to Pack These (Especially #8!)

Travel, travel, and oh – more travel! Let’s face it, there’s bound to come a time when we need to take our babies on a flight. Don’t get me wrong, some kids do really well on a plane, remain completely calm, and don’t have any sort of issues at all (these are what we like to call, “dream kids”). But with my kids on the other hand, well, let’s just say its like a fight between Godzilla and King Kong mobilized in a flying tube while there’s a mass panic happening around us (the joys of parenting, right?). I bring this topic up […]

Best Stretch Mark Creams For Pre & Post Pregnancy

One of the biggest changes to expect from pregnancy is the extreme physical changes it brings to our bodies (that’s a no-brainer). I’m talking about all the stretching, growing, hormonal  imbalance, and weight gain we are gifted on our journey as mothers (fun, right?). But aside from the belly size difference, I’m also referring to what comes to follow afterwards that every mama despises: stretch marks. Let’s be honest, stretch marks are unavoidable, and all mothers (unless you are that one in a million that is lucky enough not to have them) will get them no matter how big or small their baby is.  Many women […]