New Study: Does Breastfeeding Lead to Tooth Decay?!

Ahhh breastfeeding~! A lovely action that permits you to feed babies thanks to God’s gift of breasts. It is truly a wonderful thing that no mother should be ashamed of. That said, one of my children’s playmate’s mother brought up a certain topic that got me reflecting long and hard about the benefits AND the potential side effects of this natural phenomena when prolonged. You might be thinking that this is a pretty weird topic to bring up on a Sunday afternoon during teatime, right? Hehe, well if you truly were pondering over the previous question, this can mean three […]

What I Did To Reduce Breastfeeding Pain In The First Few Weeks

Alright, so picture this: you go 9 months through your pregnancy, you go through the agonizing process of giving birth (that’s a huge understatement), thus bringing your little baby into the world, and nows the time for breastfeeding. It seems pretty normal, eh? Nothing weird or crazy with it, except the fact that it hurts almost as bad as going into labor! Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating just a wee bit, but it can be very painful and certainly takes some getting used to. But if you’re like me, you have very sensitive nipples on top of it, so it can make […]

Do White Noise Machines Really Work to Help Baby Sleep?

Alright, so I’ve already written quite a few articles now about how to help your baby to sleep at night, but let’s be honest, there’s never enough ways to recommend both you and your baby get more sleep! Am I right? I think I totally am! Babies are a huge blessing to have and parenthood is an incredible journey, but when it comes the night time or nap time, our adorable little angels awaken their inner demons and start going on a rampage.. You know what I’m talking about… So today, I want to focus on a product that I recently started […]

All About Baby Monitors: Which Ones are the Most Popular?

Alright, it’s no secret that baby monitors are kind of a necessity when you’re a parent. Whether you use them at night or while you’re away from your baby, they are a essential for safe and protected babies (and let’s be honest, they make your life so much easier!). My confession of today is that I never actually used to be a fan of them, as I always thought they were a waste of money (oh honey, was I so wrong!). But due to a recent scare I had with my newborn when I was out of the room (he got hold […]

Things You Need (& Don’t Need) In Your First 2 Months With A Newborn

Alright mommas, let’s get down to some preparation business! It’s no secret that it is essential that we prepare for our babies with a lot of new products and new knowledge. Everything from baby-proofing the house… to buying a crib… to decorating the baby room… and of course, learning the daily challenges of parenting step by step… amoungst everything else that you will learn in a minute of giving birth. But honestly, a lot of us over prepare for our babies with a lot of unnecessary products we don’t really need (that society makes us believe we do). Not only does this consume […]

Life-Changing Self-Care Tips For New Moms

Being a mom means sacrificing a lot of your free time for the sake of, well, being a mom! When you become a parent, your child becomes your main focus, your biggest passion, and your number one priority (sorry, hubby). While this is good, this can also be extremely rough on a busy working mom. For my first child, I was a stay-at-home mom, and my husband was at work all day paying the bills. We made this work for a while, but because of various money issues, I’ve had to pick up a job as well and have grandma help out […]

Baby Fun in the Sun: What are the Safest Baby Sunscreens for Your Baby & Toddler?

WARNING – not all ‘sunscreens’ with ‘baby’ labeled on them are safe for your children! My fellow moms, yes, that time of the year is here — summer. You, me, and billions of other parents on the planet have already started asking the same question: “Which type of sun protection is safe and effective for my child?”. We all love how convenient and drama free spray sunscreens are. They seem perfect for nervous toddlers and babies who simply don’t have the patience for sitting while we cover them with a sunscreen lotion (I know my kids hate to sit still […]

Why You Need a Baby Brezza to Make Baby Food

If you haven’t read already, we have spoken about the Baby Brezza and how much we love it here at ThinkBaby many times before. Why? Because it’s a machine that if, you have a baby or small children, this machine will save you a lot of time and energy aswell as a lot of tantrums and tears! Literally, it will make your own organic, homemade baby food all in one machine, there is nothing else you need to do, with very little mess! We as parents often find ourselves pressed with time, especially those parents who have more than one […]

We Upgraded to the Boon Flair Highchair

Now that my second born is getting older (2 going on 20!) with plenty of tantrums and tears. My husband and I decided that we should upgrade her current high chair to one that provides her (and us) a little more independence. We gave our current high chair to my mother in law and decided to upgrade to this Boon Flair high chair that I thought just looked awesome! Yes, it may seem a little pricey, but don’t forget what ‘they’ say – you get what you pay for! And for practicality – this high chair, so far (we’ve only […]

4 Baby Moses Basket’s You’ll Love!

Moses baskets are the best. I personally feel they are the perfect fit for newborn babies. They are even shaped like them, cute and cuddly (just like bassinets are). But why do I absolutely love them and recommend them? Read on to find out why… For newborn babies, moses basket is next to a boon. It is highly recommended that your baby stays with you in your bedroom at all times during the first six months. The fact that they sleep for most part of the day demands you buy something cosy for their regular sleep routine. But you can’t […]