Baby Wearing:Indulging or Nurturing?

Baby wearing is an ancient practice recently given new life in the west, as we emerge from the 1950’s style of parenting. This candid blog post is about the emergence of baby wearing, my experience with the practice and my favorite product. Well, let’s consider…Do you think the practice of wearing your baby, as indulging or nurturing? The Emergence of Baby Wearing Baby wearing shot to the forefront of public consciousness in the “noughties” as celebrities from my generation became mothers and experimented with different ways to bring up their children. Traditionalists rose up-in-arms to reject the concept of baby […]

Secrets to Potty Training Quickly & Easily

There are many different challenges that we as parents must face. Not only the complete 360 turnaround life transition we have when we have a baby, reading countless ‘parenting for dummies’ books, or even changing a million (yes, literally a million) diapers, but also, teaching our baby how to potty train properly (I can feel the stress already!). Today’s post is one that is inspired by a blog I read the other day about how to potty train your child. You’ll get thousands of different opinions on how to train your child properly, but the best advice I can give is […]

Things You Need (& Don’t Need) In Your First 2 Months With A Newborn

Alright mommas, let’s get down to some preparation business! It’s no secret that it is essential that we prepare for our babies with a lot of new products and new knowledge. Everything from baby-proofing the house… to buying a crib… to decorating the baby room… and of course, learning the daily challenges of parenting step by step… amoungst everything else that you will learn in a minute of giving birth. But honestly, a lot of us over prepare for our babies with a lot of unnecessary products we don’t really need (that society makes us believe we do). Not only does this consume […]

3rd Trimester: What YOU Need & Must Have!

I just recently shared my favorite go-to survival items for the second trimester of pregnancy to help all you mama’s out (that you can read here), but what about the third trimester? Surely it can’t be the same product recommendations and tips for the third trimester, can it? Actually, no, it’s much different! This has been on my mind a lot lately because a close friend of mine has just entered her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy, so I thought it would be helpful to her and to many of you to compile a list together of my favorites necessities during this […]

What You Need (& Don’t Need) in Your Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery

If you’ve always wanted to be a mother, chances are you’ve spent your entire life imagining what it would be like to meet your little mini me. And now more than ever as your pregnancy is approaching an end, you’re getting closer and closer to that special day and your anticipation is building (more like bursting in all directions like rainbows, am I right?). Trust me, I’ve been there many times and I know how wonderful the feeling is right before going into labor (well, thats not something you hear everyday). But I also know how important it is to make sure you’re fully prepared ahead of time with […]

Flying With a Baby? Don’t Forget to Pack These (Especially #8!)

Travel, travel, and oh – more travel! Let’s face it, there’s bound to come a time when we need to take our babies on a flight. Don’t get me wrong, some kids do really well on a plane, remain completely calm, and don’t have any sort of issues at all (these are what we like to call, “dream kids”). But with my kids on the other hand, well, let’s just say its like a fight between Godzilla and King Kong mobilized in a flying tube while there’s a mass panic happening around us (the joys of parenting, right?). I bring this topic up […]

2nd Trimester: What You Need & Must Have!

Alright, so enough about the parenting life hacks, saving money when expecting, whether you should opt for a co-sleeper crib or a moses basket and all my crazy stories of diapers flying across the room (it’s still happening. Today I want to talk about something different.  I want to take a step back and talk about something before any of that happens – like, all the way back to our second trimester. Believe it or not, there are a lot of extremely helpful pregnancy products that you can utilize during your entire pregnancy to help you relax and prepare for your […]

Cheap Baby Products that Make Your Life as Parent So Much Easier!

Okay moms or soon to become moms, I am about to share something that someone should have shared with me before I became a mother. As much as you love your kids and as much as you try to do everything by yourself (grandmas would say everything has to go over your back because that is the right way to be a mother), the truth is, it is much easier if you use BABY GADGETS and be the Supermom that can do everything without dying every night! For example, why would I turn into a sonar when my child is sleeping […]