Do White Noise Machines Really Work to Help Baby Sleep?

Alright, so I’ve already written quite a few articles now about how to help your baby to sleep at night, but let’s be honest, there’s never enough ways to recommend both you and your baby get more sleep! Am I right? I think I totally am! Babies are a huge blessing to have and parenthood is an incredible journey, but when it comes the night time or nap time, our adorable little angels awaken their inner demons and start going on a rampage.. You know what I’m talking about… So today, I want to focus on a product that I recently started […]

What are the Best Organic Prenatal Vitamins for You?

A mother or a mother to be trying to conceive, you have an obligation to take a step back from doing all ‘everything in life’, and take care of yourself. Whether you are a mother, pregnant, or trying, you need to make sure you’re always taking care of your health and well-being too, otherwise it can have a huge negative effect on you and your conception planes. I speak from experience when I say that…. As a mother, there are a lot of jobs you have and things you have to get done everyday… and even as I write this, […]

All About Baby Monitors: Which Ones are the Most Popular?

Alright, it’s no secret that baby monitors are kind of a necessity when you’re a parent. Whether you use them at night or while you’re away from your baby, they are a essential for safe and protected babies (and let’s be honest, they make your life so much easier!). My confession of today is that I never actually used to be a fan of them, as I always thought they were a waste of money (oh honey, was I so wrong!). But due to a recent scare I had with my newborn when I was out of the room (he got hold […]

From Gadgets To Games: How to Transition Kids Away From TV & Technology

We live in a time where our everyday life is based around gadgets. Think about it… We set our alarms on our phones for the morning… We read the news on our phones… Read ebooks (or podcasts!).. Scroll social media… and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip all on gadgets. Heck, I’m writing this blog on a gadget right now! It’s like our world is being taken over by robots that want to rule our life, and it’s happening so easily to us everyday (whoa, hello conspiracies!). It’s honestly rare to ever catch someone reading a book, or […]

How to Encourage Curiosity in Young Children

Whether it’s through dance, art, music, writing, or whatever is your passion, it’s always important to teach our kids to express their creativity so that they can truly find out who they are. But you know what’s equally important to encourage our kids that often goes unnoticed? Curiosity. Hence the purpose for today’s blog post. It’s a topic that intrigues me. I find myself researching more and more ways to ensure I am always sparking the curiosity corner in my children’s brain. I also endeavor to share my tips and trips on encouraging curiosity in children on my blog, The curiosity to […]

My Foolproof Ways I Survive Sleepless Nights As A Parent

We all knew that when we hopped aboard this ‘parenting train’ we weren’t going to get much sleep. Or, none at all… We would hear horror stories from our parents and our friends that had babies telling us, “you better kiss sleeping in on the weekends, or ever, goodbye!”. We all laughed and smiled thinking, oh, they’re just joking, it won’t be so bad, its because their kids don’t sleep, but mine will. And we were all so very wrong. It isn’t until you we’re a week and a half in with a newborn, with; What feel like endless bags under […]

Baby Wearing:Indulging or Nurturing?

Baby wearing is an ancient practice recently given new life in the west, as we emerge from the 1950’s style of parenting. This candid blog post is about the emergence of baby wearing, my experience with the practice and my favorite product. Well, let’s consider…Do you think the practice of wearing your baby, as indulging or nurturing? The Emergence of Baby Wearing Baby wearing shot to the forefront of public consciousness in the “noughties” as celebrities from my generation became mothers and experimented with different ways to bring up their children. Traditionalists rose up-in-arms to reject the concept of baby […]

Secrets to Potty Training Quickly & Easily

There are many different challenges that we as parents must face. Not only the complete 360 turnaround life transition we have when we have a baby, reading countless ‘parenting for dummies’ books… Or even changing a million (yes, literally a million) diapers But also, teaching our baby how to potty train properly (I can feel the stress already!). Now, if you’re a new parent who just brought their newborn home, this isn’t something you need to worry about for quite a while, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn it early! If you are a new parent, don’t forget to check […]

Things You Need (& Don’t Need) In Your First 2 Months With A Newborn

Alright mommas, let’s get down to some preparation business! It’s no secret that it is essential that we prepare for our babies with a lot of new products and new knowledge. Everything from baby-proofing the house… to buying a crib… to decorating the baby room… and of course, learning the daily challenges of parenting step by step… amoungst everything else that you will learn in a minute of giving birth. But honestly, a lot of us over prepare for our babies with a lot of unnecessary products we don’t really need (that society makes us believe we do). Not only does this consume […]

3rd Trimester: What YOU Need & Must Have!

I just recently shared my favorite go-to survival items for the second trimester of pregnancy to help all you mama’s out (that you can read here), but what about the third trimester? Surely it can’t be the same product recommendations and tips for the third trimester, can it? Actually, no, it’s much different! This has been on my mind a lot lately because a close friend of mine has just entered her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy, so I thought it would be helpful to her and to many of you to compile a list together of my favorites necessities during this […]