9 Easy Ways To Save Money When You’re Expecting

We all know that when we signed up to be parents, it was going to a lot of work (and that’s an understatement). There was going to be sleepless nights full of frustration, lots of tantrums (not just from kids), endless cups of coffee, and a lot of, “Was I really ready for this?” contemplating. But what most of us didn’t realize when we were pregnant is how expensive being a parent could really be. I mean, we had a bit of an idea that it was going to be a decent amount of money to buy a sturdy crib, […]

Fun & Educational DIY Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Okay, so we all know it’s important for kids to be creative and express themselves from a very young age. I’ve encouraged every one of my kids since they were born to express who they are through different activities, such as dancing, drawing, music, or even Play-Doh. Old school now, right? It is so important that your child does this from a young age to not only give them them the courage to express who they are as they grow up, keep them inspired and motivated, but also to help them develop a fun and happy lifestyle where they are […]

Life-Changing Self-Care Tips For New Moms

Being a mom means sacrificing a lot of your free time for the sake of, well, being a mom! When you become a parent, your child becomes your main focus, your biggest passion, and your number one priority (sorry, hubby). While this is good, this can also be extremely rough on a busy working mom. For my first child, I was a stay-at-home mom, and my husband was at work all day paying the bills. We made this work for a while, but because of various money issues, I’ve had to pick up a job as well and have grandma help out […]

Infertility & TTC: Why Self-Love Is the Most Important Thing

To many, trying to conceive and getting pregnant is a very fun, and exciting process! I mean, of course it is, you’re working to create your own little family! And while it may take time, being gifted that family makes all the struggles worth it.  Some women are lucky and get pregnant on their first try, while it can take others (like myself) years. Yes, years. Today, I want to bring up a very serious, and difficult topic to talk about amongst a large majority of women: Trying to Conceive (TTC) & Infertility. While it is true that I have a mom blog, and […]

Top 7 Most Harmful Baby Products You Shouldn’t Use on Your Baby

We all want to give our babies the best and healthiest life, that’s a no-brainer! But a lot of the time we may not realize that the products we buy to promote a healthy lifestyle for them, may actually make it worse! Believe me when I say, I was not a believer in this or ‘baby product market ploys’ until I saw it happen personally to one of my babies. And that’s never a situation you should LET IT GET TO! Hence why I am even writing about the products you should not be using on your baby. Stay clear […]

Sweet Potatolicious Soup Using My Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

You know what’s better than potatoes? Sweet potatoes! If you haven’t tried mashed sweet potatoes yet, I highly recommend that you do and sweet potato is a great ingredient to make baby puree and healthy baby food from. It is flavorful and just about a little bit sweet. In my humble opinion, I think it tastes better than potatoes…given the right recipe. I was comfortable back then in using store-bought baby food in jars for my first child because back then, I thought it was okay. A lot of people buy commercial baby food so it is considered the norm. […]

6 Hearty & Healthy Recipes for your Toddler

The transition from baby to toddler is a beautiful process. Not only are their habits changing, but also their eating patterns. This is the perfect time to introduce some yummy and healthy food choices to their menu. It’s also a time where you going to introduce some new foods that consists of more than two ingredients. Here are some of the tried and tested recipes for toddlers that you can blindly trust for your one year old. Don’t forget that to get them to enjoy the whole new process of eating proper healthier food, uou can also get them new […]

Freestyle or Forced Parenting – Which is Better?

Nothing captures the imagination more than the sight of a newborn in your arms. The gaze of those pure eyes and the soft skin of your little baby fills you with baby bliss. However, this ‘bliss’ does not prepare you for what’s coming- a bumpy ride of parenting your baby through their first year of life. Parenting is a skill that has to be learned so that a baby and parent can develop a strong emotional bond. You should appreciate that this attachment has to be cultivated patiently so that you can pick out and interpret your baby’s cues. Even […]

Avocado, Pumpkin, Banana Puree Using Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

Hi, Moms & Dads! Today I’m going show you a very healthy baby food recipe using three affordable yet very organic ingredients: avocado, banana and pumpkin. Making your own baby food in general not only is extremely healthy and vastly beneficial to your baby, considering all the organic ingredients you’ll use and the nutritional values, but you’ll also benefit from the amount of money you can save from producing your own baby food. This nutrient-packed mushy goodness will definitely boost your child’s health. Wanna know why? Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A which is perfect for your baby’s eyes, Banana […]

Apple-Pumpkin Puree Hooray Recipe Using Beaba Babycook

‘Tis I, once again, Moms and Dads, bringing you yet another baby food recipe that involves Snow White and Cinderella. This time using the Beaba Babycook Food Processor to make baby puree and baby food safely and conveniently in your own home and with your own natural ingredients! If you want to read the review on Thinkbaby.org of the baby food maker I am using, Angela has written all about it here: Beaba Babycook – Sorbet. I’ve got creative today (it never happens, so enjoy it!) and decided to do a little rhyme. Maybe you will remember it and sing […]